DOCUMENTATIONDespite our contributions, our place continues to be questioned via bureaucratic hostility ultimately backed by the cold clinical frames of passport photographs.

The stories of Windrush illuminated a system built to place efficiency over care. Rampant outsourcing has left the government stripped of any real power outside of performative cruelty.  

The acknowledgment we seek isn’t from Tory or Labour governments, but from a collective consciousness that transcends political affiliations.

Our value isn’t determined by politicians or parties; it’s affirmed by the countless lives we’ve touched, the communities we’ve transformed, and the indelible mark we’ve left on this land.

tldr: fuck the home office.

DOCUMENTATION was exhbited 23rd+24th August 2023 as part of 75 STRONG, a celebration of 75 years since Windrush at Dijonss in Shoreditch.