Smile Like It's '88
W+K Window Project
– Creative Event Planning for Immersive Exhibit & Photo Display. Celebrating 35 Years since the Second Summer of Love.

Orange Romania
Milledge + Doig get wet summer 23’

Nike London celebrate the grit of London Runners: We Run With It
Month-long Peckham Takeover featuring Flyposting, Shutter Copy & Collective Relay Events.

Credit List
🫧 Shoot 🫧
Photographer: Sophie Jones
1st Assistant: Damian Flack
2nd Assistant Sami Weller
Digi Op: Jonathon Ross
Styling: Coco Mel
Stylist Assistant: Britain Campbell
MUA: Athena Paginton
MUA Assistant: Tom Easto
Hair Stylist: Karla Quinonez

🫡 Agency 🫡
Creative Director: Joe Bruce
Creative: Will Wills
Creative: Sammy Watts Stanfield
Designer: Jon Barnett
Designer: Anabel Hazeldine
Design Director: Justin Hallstrom
Producer: Mich Bradfield
Producer: Emily Khoury
+ Justin, Conrad, Sherwin,Aleksi, Jonny, Olli, Alex, Sam, Katherine, Brian, Anjali + Nike

BTS + Runway video for Tuuli Turnen’s debut collection at St Giles church.

A day out to Scottish Border with Meg and Nancy.


Converse x Skateboobs
Skatefilm launching 2021 pride shoe with Edinburgh based skate colletive ‘Skateboobs

Crazy good FUN!

DOCUMENTATIONDespite our contributions, our place continues to be questioned via bureaucratic hostility ultimately backed by the cold clinical frames of passport photographs.

The stories of Windrush illuminated a system built to place efficiency over care. Rampant outsourcing has left the government stripped of any real power outside of performative cruelty.  

The acknowledgment we seek isn’t from Tory or Labour governments, but from a collective consciousness that transcends political affiliations.

Our value isn’t determined by politicians or parties; it’s affirmed by the countless lives we’ve touched, the communities we’ve transformed, and the indelible mark we’ve left on this land.

tldr: fuck the home office.

DOCUMENTATION was exhbited 23rd+24th August 2023 as part of 75 STRONG, a celebration of 75 years since Windrush at Dijonss in Shoreditch.